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Emergency luminaire enhances safety and allows for safer egress in the event of fire,or other light emergency.There are many types of led emergency lights,including rechargeable Led exit light,battery operated exit lights ,fire emergency light,emergency light with remote control.

Rechargeable LED emergency light

The ceiling emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when power outage.
The battery inside the Emergency LED light is rechargeable,it's a good choice...
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Emergency downlight

The LED Emergency downlight is a standalone complement to any office or retail environment,is a great choice for indoor installations.
The energy saving LEDs provide high emergency light output an...
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Twin spot emergency light

In a modern-day building Emergency light fittings are essential.In the event of a fire,it can save lives.
This LED Emergency light offers an energy saving and cost effective solution to fulfil eme...
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Remote head emergency light

Remote head emergency lights are designed to operate with remote capable combos and Emergency lights,a remote head led emergency light is a stand-alone lamp with no internal power supply,it provides ...
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Bulkhead emergency light

In a modern-day building LED emergency light is essential.In the event of a fire,it can save lives.
The Bulkhead emergency lights have attractive design and can be used either externally or intern...
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Dual head emergency light

Feituo introduces its newly UL listed led emergency light & CULus emergency light, which is required in all commercial,industrial and architectural environments.
Dual head emergency lights,equ...
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